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BBC Front Page News

Sri Lanka attacks: Country under curfew after bomb attacks kill 200Sri Lanka attacks: Country under curfew after bomb attacks kill 200

More than 200 people were killed in eight bomb blasts targeting churches and hotels.

Record Easter temperatures in three nations of the UKRecord Easter temperatures in three nations of the UK

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their hottest Easter Sunday, with England just shy of its record.

Ukraine election: Comedian Zelensky wins presidency by landslideUkraine election: Comedian Zelensky wins presidency by landslide

Incumbent Petro Poroshenko admits defeat after exit polls give Volodymyr Zelensky a landslide victory.

Extinction Rebellion: Climate protesters 'making a difference'Extinction Rebellion: Climate protesters 'making a difference'

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg addresses thousands of Extinction Rebellion protesters in London.

BBC news for County Down

Mourne wildefire: Over 50 firefighters battle blazeMourne wildefire: Over 50 firefighters battle blaze

A caravan park has been evacuated as firefighters try to contain the blaze.

Lyra McKee murder: Two men released without chargeLyra McKee murder: Two men released without charge

The PSNI has said it needs to convert community support "into tangible evidence".

Lyra McKee death: Sinn Féin leader says dissidents must "pack up"Lyra McKee death: Sinn Féin leader says dissidents must "pack up"

Mary Lou McDonald said the people of Derry had spoken 'with one voice' since Ms McKee's death.

Easter Rising: Irish president leads Dublin commemorationEaster Rising: Irish president leads Dublin commemoration

The Irish president lays a wreath in Dublin to mark the 103rd anniversary of the 1916 rebellion.

AskTen - Ten things you may not have noticed last week!


  1. How to make your work feel more purposeful.It is too easy to allow entire days to pass by in a blur, without being able to articulate what you’ve actually done. One of the most effective tactics for staying focused and productive is to bring purpose to each moment of your work. To give your job a fuller sense of purpose, try this approach: [MORE]
  2. Brussels officials are war-gaming the fall of Theresa May. The EU is war-gaming for the fall of Theresa May. Brussels fears there is little hope that she will succeed in passing her deal this week and is preparing itself for a new face in Downing Street. EU ambassadors and senior officials want to ensure that any new PM cannot immediately dismantle the withdrawal agreement. The Observer
  3. The scandal of our neglected schools. The government claims it is putting more money than ever into schools. A recent analysis by the Institute of Fiscal Studies that once you take account of inflation, funding per pupil in England has fallen by 8% since 2009-10, the biggest cut to school budgets in three decades. Many schools have resorted to setting up Amazon wish lists to encourage parents to help provide such basics as stationery. Some heads are having to double up as mini-bus drivers and cleaners. The Observer
  4. More than £100bn of UK property secretly owned. More than £100bn of UK property is secretly owned, according to research by the transparency group Global Witness. More than 87,000 properties are owned by anonymous companies registered in tax havens, with 40% of the properties in question in London. Cadogan Square in Knightsbridge, where the average property costs £3m, hosts at least 134 secretly owned properties. The Guardian
  5. It’s harder for women to be funny on the job. When men add jokes to a business presentation, they are seen as having higher levels of respect or prestige and get higher ratings for leadership capabilities from viewers. But when women do the same, they are seen as having less status, and being less capable as leaders,write a quartet of researchers in Harvard Business Review. As I wrote in January, research has shown that people stereotype men as having “agency” – being rational and focused on achievement – but women as having lower dedication to their jobs and more distraction at home. While those are only stereotypes, they can profoundly – and unfortunately – influence people’s views, too. [MORE]
  6. Don’t hurry lunch. Hastily scoffing a sandwich at the desk may be a point of pride for many workers, but hurrying lunch – or skipping it all together – could be doing far more harm than good. Sure, you may get a head start on the afternoon's emails, but cutting a lunch break short can actually hamper productivity, increase stress and make you more likely to snack throughout the day – leading to health problems and overeating. Yahoo
  7. Treatbig decisions like job candidates. When weighing a major business decision – like an acquisition or the launch of a new product – Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman argues that executives ought to resist the urge to go immediately with their gut. Instead, evaluate such moves based on several factors, similar to how you might compare different job candidates’ strengths. Creating the space to examine a big decision along several dimensions – rather than instinct alone – can help put your initial leanings into perspective. LinkedIn
  8. EU’s richest bankers live in the UK. More than 3,500 bankers in the UK are paid more than £850,000 (€1m) per year, the European Banking Association has revealed. In a report, the EBA said that thirty UK bankers were paid more than €10m each, and in one case a single asset manager banked €40.9m. It also revealed that the UK was home to 73% of all millionaire bankers across Europe, with nine times more in the country compared to Germany and 15 times more than in France. The Guardian
  9. Coca-Cola’s plastic confession.Coca-Cola produced three million tonnes of plastic packaging in 2017, the equivalent to roughly 200,000 bottles a minute. The company data was revealed in a report by charity The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is pushing for companies and governments to actively reduce plastic pollution. In the report, consumer goods giant Unilever confirmed it creates 610,000 tonnes of plastic packaging, while Burberry reported using 200 tonnes of plastic in a year. Pepsi, L'Oreal and H&M are yet to disclose how much plastic they use. The Independent
The bottom line. Financial firms have moved £900m of assets out of the UK in advance of Brexit, according to a study by think tank Advance Financial. Metro